Type AZ / AC – Segmented Spacers for Diamater 98-385 mm

AZ/AC insulator rings are used for pipe ODs from 98 to 385 mm and consist of several segments. This type of Insulator is made out of several segments. The number of segments depends on the carrier pipe’s outer diameter. The nuts and bolts required for assembly are included.

The universal applicability of type AZ/AC provides two special advantages:

  • variable ring diameter, which is especially important for thick- walled pipes whose outer diameter substantially deviates from the nominal size (e.g. AZ/AC pressure pipe DN 16, vitrified clay pipes);
  • only two segment sizes are required to assemble DN 100 to DN 350 insulator rings – a decisive edge in stock-keeping.
Product Data Sheets
Casing Spacers Type AZ/AC System DSI
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