Páska se snadno odlepí před použitím trubkyPáska se snadno odlepí před použitím trubky

End Seal Tape EST

End Seal Tape™ is a durable PVC tape, featuring a modified pressure-activated adhesive. The rubber-based adhesive exhibits outstanding water resistance along with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance as a result of the tough PVC backing. The End Seal Tape can be applied over the coating/steel transition area or over the entire pipe end to mitigate coating disbondment and/or weathering of pipe ends. The high performance adhesive adheres quickly to most surfaces yet can be removed leaving little or no traceable residue. This allows for easier surface preparation prior to welding of the pipe joints and also for application of the field joint coating.

End Seal Tape offers the following advantages:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Resistant against all weather conditions
  • Long term performance
  • Adheres quickly to most surfaces
  • Allows for easier surface preparation prior to welding
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End Seal Tape
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End Seal Tape

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