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Kebulen UV

Kebulen UV Tape is a self-adhesive butyl-rubber tape with a laminated, highly durable composite foil of aluminum and polyethylene that provides high mechanical resistance and stability. Highly sticky rubber has proven to offer excellent corrosion protection. Kebulen UV is suitable for the protection of pipelines above ground, such as pipelines at gas and other stations, pipeline bridges and ground-air transitions.

Thanks to the aluminum coating, Kebulen UV is extremely resistant to ultraviolet radiation and the diffusion of water vapor and oxygen. It forms a non-porous, stretched surface, free of cracks, bubbles and wrinkles. The high reflectivity of the metal layer prevents heating and reflects solar rays. Kebulen UV is easily cold applied, withstands the effects of all chemicals in the atmosphere and aggressive gases, asphalts, acids, rot, decomposition processes and aggressive water.

The tape serves as UV protection in accordance with DIN 30675-1. Combined with the Kebulen B 80-C system, it serves as an excellent anti-corrosion protection for ground-to-air pipeline transition.

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Kebulen UV

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