Other Filters from Shawndra

American manufacturer Shawndra Products Inc. has been producing filters for gas, air and all conceivable liquids and filters for critical industrial applications for more than thirty years, also manufactures spare and proprietary patented gas and air filter components and develops and manufactures filter equipment according to the ASME specification.

Shawndra allows direct replacement of filter elements from a number of well-known manufacturers. Quality filter elements can replace virtually any of these brands with higher filtering efficiency. We are able to produce a filter according to your drawing or we will design a filtering device according to your specific conditions.

Filter vessels are designed to serve natural gas, chemical production, power generation and many other industries with more durable, more efficient systems that are safer to operate and offer huge operating savings over other systems. Shawndra offers some of the best air and gas filters, combined pipe filters and filter elements on the market.

Due to the huge variability of individual filters, filtering equipment and pressure vessels, please contact us and we will propose an individual solution to your needs.

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