Antikorozní epoxidový nátěr Plasgard 410Antikorozní epoxidový nátěr Plasgard 410

Plasgard 410

Plasgard 410 Epoxy is a two part, 100% solids, high temperature coating designed to provide protection against corrosion on pipelines with service temperatures up to 120 °C. Plasgard 410 can be used as a below grade or under water standalone coating. The Plasgard 410 was designed to provide superior adhesion to wet surfaces and, fresh and salt water submerged surfaces. Plasgard 410 is a fast curing epoxy allowing for backfill in 4-5 hours at 23 °C and 50% RH.

Ideal for protecting girth welds, fittings, flanges, valves, and all types of piping and metal structures.

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Epoxy coating Plasgard 410
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Plasgard 410
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Plasgard 410 Black, part A
Plasgard 410 Red, part A
Plasgard 410, part B

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