Canusa SuperCase pro předizolované trubkyCanusa SuperCase pro předizolované trubky


Canusa SuperCase™ line of products provides the ultimate protection of joints on pre-insulated pipelines. Heavy-duty, cross-linked polyethylene design offers extreme resistance to soil stresses and moisture ingress while versatility and ease of application associated with Canusa SuperCase products ensure consistent and repeatable performance on every joint.

The SuperCase system features include:

  • Resistance to premature recovery in hot climates,
  • Extremely fast application time resulting in low installed cost per joint,
  • Proven long term performance and reliability with over a million joint already protected,
  • Conformance to out-of-round and misaligned pipes resulting in forgiving installation,
  • Robust platform for effective and robust electro-welding process (Canusa IntelliFUSE™).
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