Chase Tapecoat- m50 100 mm blackChase Tapecoat- m50 100 mm black

Tapecoat M50

Tapecoat® M50 is a 1.25 mm black or gray polypropylene mesh-backed, cold applied, below grade coating designed to provide superior soil stress resistance. The coating provides protection against corrosion and electroly- sis on metal substrates. The mesh backing allows the coating to conform well to the pipe surface but does not stretch or elongate which gives the M50 its exceptional strength against soil stress.

Tapecoat M50 has an integrated primer; the primer is in the adhesive. This exclusive formulation allows for faster application as there is no need to apply a separate primer when application temperatures are above 4,5 °C. The Tapecoat M50 coating system is VOC free when applied without a primer. When used with Tapecoat Omniprime the coating system will meet even the strictest environmental laws.

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Tapecoat M50
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