Type RGV – for Heavy Loads, for Diameters > 500 mm

RGV insulator rings are used for pipes with outer diameter > 500 mm. They differ from MA types in having two reinforced load-carrying solid skids per segment. The fastening skids (36 mm high) are for connection only. To match the required outer diameter, RGV segments are combined with RGV 2 segments.

High static-load bearing capacity and versatility are the particular advantages of the RGV casing spacers. The following simple method is used to determine the composition of suitable insulator rings:

  • For every 100 mm outer diameter of pipe = 1 RGV segment
  • For every 50 mm outer diameter of pipe = 1 RGV half segment
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Casing Spacers Type RGV
PSI Casing Spacers – General Guide

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