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ReflangeKit® is a product recommended to seal SF6 leaks on flanges. This sealing technique is applicable online and under pressure.

ReflangeKit product is made of a double shell system that encapsulates the leaking flange. The first soft shell made in PVC covers and protects the whole flange, including gasket, bolt and nuts. At the same time it collects and concentrates SF6 leak in a single point located on the top (= the valve). The second rigid sleeve made in PET contains 3X specific resin (R3X12885) and is positioned above the soft shell. An exhaust valve allows the gas getting out during resin injection. Once the two sleeves are correctly installed and after overnight curing of resin, the valve is closed to seal the leak.

ReflangeKit is a tailor-made product for your installation. The soft shell is designed to fit with the dimensions of the flange. A Finite Element Analysis model is calculated to determine the right quantity of resin to handle the stresses, thus determining the geometry of the rigid sleeve.

Thanks to this non-invasive original system, the flange, including gasket, bolt and nuts are protected during resin injection. The product can be easily removed without damage.

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ReflangeKit (in Czech)

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