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TanKit® is an emergency and temporary composite repair system for tanks and pressured vessels suffering from corrosion defects and / or mechanical damages up to 100 mm hole size. It is a pre-engineered solution to restore original integrity without shutdown, unless active leakage.

TanKit is a composite technical alternative to welded metal plate and equipment replacement. TanKit is a proven concept which provides the required strength to reinforce temporarily the damaged tank or vessel.

The original 3X concept, TanKit is a wet lay-up multi-layer combination of a cold welded steel plate, 400 g/m2 Kevlar® tape and highly-reinforced ceramic epoxy resin. This specific resin composition provides excellent anti-erosion and chemical features. Even in case of through wall defect, the fluid is kept inside the vessel / tank by the composite sleeve allowing restoring line integrity. The epoxy resin allows binding and transferring loading through the whole composite system.

The bi-directional woven high-strength aramid-fiber material provides reinforcement in the hoop and axial directions.

This pre-engineered product is sold in complete kit and can be used only in specific cases up to 100 mm hole diameter, it does not require further engineering or calculations.

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