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Consulting and Design

Situations Ortodroma knows to solve:

Should you need:

  • to protect your pipeline from corrosion and mechanical damage, whether new piping, refurbished piping, before being buried in the ground, or remain accessible,
  • to repair a pipeline,
  • from which the medium leaks, drips, flows or jets,
  • without having to shut it down,
  • in which there is high pressure, aggressive or hot media,
  • if located in a challenging environment (high temperature, drinking and mineral water, explosion hazard, ground-to-air, ground-water, air-to-water situations)
  • repair or protect complex parts of pipes – T-pieces, flanges, screws and nuts, valves, throats, fittings, threads, hinges,
  • transport and store pipelines,
  • remediate oil products escaped into the environment,

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Together with you, we analyze the situation, design optimal solutions, deliver material and train staff to work with corrosion protection, insulation and other materials.

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