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Dhatec Couplings line up pipes and protect beveled pipe-ends during the external coating process. Using couplings allows to achieve the optimal end-quality of the coating application and enhances stability and efficiency of the coating process.

The Light model is especially designed for easy handling and can be applied with only a torque wrench

Dhatec Couplings offer the following advantages:

  • Application range: 100 – 1620 mm,
  • Adjustable for different wall thicknesses,
  • The coupling stabilizes the coating process,
  • Increasing production capacity,
  • Equally spread coating thickness,
  • No air seals underneath the coating.

Coupling Premium models offer the following advantages:

  • Strong construction for heavy circumstances,
  • Dynamic clamping feet to minimize deformation,
  • Automatically adjustable centring rolls.
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