Kartuše Endoprene 875 HTKartuše Endoprene 875 HT

Endoprene 870 HT

Solvent free, non toxic polyurethane coating, applied by twin feed hot airless spray suitable for products with short reaction times. Its chemical inertness and high resistance to cathodic disbondment make it an anticorrosion coating well adapted to external protection of buried or submerged metal structures conforming. Endoprene® 870 HT is designed for protecting steel pipes (new pipes, rehabilitation) and associated parts (bends, fittings).

Endoprene 870 HT is suitable for over-coating adjacent coatings such as hydrocarbon, epoxy, polyurethane and polyolefin materials, providing the surface is suitably prepared, for protecting girth welds, complying with the requirements of the ISO 21809-3 for service temperature up to 80 °C.

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Endoprene 870 HT
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