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Handheld Wrapping Machine OrtoMat

The OrtoMat Handheld Wrapping Machine is a light, robust and durable aid for easy manual winding of asphalt-rubber and other cold-applied tapes. It ensures correct tension and prescribed overlap of the tapes during application as well as automatic removal of the separating foil. It can be used for tapes with a width of 50 to 225 mm, and for pipes with dimensions from DN 100 to DN 2000. The machine is easily adjustable and can be quickly folded and unfolded.

With the help of the machine, it is possible to apply all tapes and bandages supplied by us, with the required overlap of individual wraps and their homogeneous, optionally adjustable tightening. To use the machine in an trench, it is necessary that the distance between the protected surface and the wall or bottom of the trench is at least 40 cm.

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Handheld Wrapping Machine OrtoMat

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