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Handy Cap

Royston Handy Cap® provides quick, field applied corrosion protection to anode and test wire leads welded onto metal substrates. The Handy Cap is made using a durable plastic sheet that has a dome filled with a moldable, corrosion preventing compound. The sheet is then capped with an adhesive layer for easy and permanent application. Roybond 747 Primer is required in order to provide sufficient adhesion.

Handy Caps are available with or without a primer integrated within the adhesive layer (IP variant). The use of the Handy Cap IP allows for faster application, as there is no need to apply a primer if the application temperature exceeds 5 °C. Handy Cap IP cap is also available in larger size (Handy Cap XL IP).

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Royston Handy Cap
Royston Handy Cap IP, XL IP
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Handy Cap
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Royston Handy Cap
Handy Cap IP, XL IP

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