Shawndra R100

The Shawndra R100™ composite pipe filter is the best product of its kind in the world. It works as a combined “plug” capture caused by gas or liquid buildup, a blending filter, and a particulate filter. Everything is in one unit, offering a filter life up to 30 times higher than the competition. Complete service of the filter unit can be done with a single key in less than 90 minutes.

Shawndra R Series Filters remove solid particles and liquids from natural gas, which significantly reduces or eliminates servicing of engines, turbines and other compressors, valves and meters. Higher stage filtration is achieved first by inertial impact, secondly by gravity deposition, and by thirdly vertically aligned coalescence multistage filter elements with an efficiency of 0.03 μm or higher.

Product Data Sheet
Shawndra R100 Coalescing Pipeline Filter

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