„System88“ Additional Parts

To complete System88 and to optimize performance and safety, additional parts are available. Handling and securing a pipe load for transport is done with Tie-downs, Anti-skid layers, Hoisting belts and Connector belts.

Tie-down: System88 Tie-downs are specially designed for System88. They have a very high Standard Tensioning Force (Stf = 750daN). A 20 ton (22 US ton) pipe load is secured with only 6 Tie-downs when combined with Anti-skid layers. This product is equipped with an ergonomic, long ratchet that needs to be pulled downwards instead of upwards. The label contains all by law prescribed details. The Tie-downs are divided evenly along the load and only tensioned when all are in place.

Anti-skid layer: Anti-skid layers have a frictional resistance of 0,6. Less Tie-downs are needed to secure a load by increasing the friction with Anti-skid layers. Anti-skid layers are strongly recommended and must be used in combination with Tie-downs. They are placed between System88 and the pipes, both top and bottom. Because of its softness, it will not damage any coatings.

Hoisting belt: Hoisting belts make handling mid-sections easier. Because weight can be high, assemblies of System88 are mostly hoisted by a crane. A hoisting belt is placed around the assembly and used to lift it onto the upper pipe layer.

Connector belt: Connector belts eliminate the risk of canting when loading one pipe at a time on a second layer. At each end of the rail a pin from the Connector belt is placed through a hole. When both sides are in place, the Belts can be tensioned.

Profile-to-trailer connector: Profile-to-trailer connector prevents canting and shifting of System88 on the trailer bed. It also ensures easy fixation of the steel profiles without drilling in the platform. When the rail is in place, profile-to-trailer connectors are placed on both ends. When both are in place, both can be tensioned.

S88 Lift Kit: The System88 Lift Kit makes it possible to lift the entire mid-base of System88 with a fork lift. The sets must be assembled in two blocks. The first must be placed at least 200 mm from the profile end and the second at least 500 mm from the first set. With this simple addition, the entire mid-section of System88 can be lifted with standard forklift forks.

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System 88 Additional Parts

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