Opravu plynovodu s provozním tlakem tlakem 39 bar provedla Ortodroma v červnu 2022, ReinforceKit 4DOpravu plynovodu s provozním tlakem tlakem 39 bar provedla Ortodroma v červnu 2022, ReinforceKit 4D

ReinforceKit 4D

ReinforceKit® 4D is an advanced permanent composite repair system for pipelines and piping suffering from corrosion defects and mechanical damage. Engineered to restore pipe original integrity without shutdown, R4D is a nonmetallic technical alternative to metal clamps, welded sleeves and pipe replacement, that prevents from further corrosion/deterioration. Product’s version IC, intended to cope with internal corrosion, reinforce damaged pipe section even in case of further internal corrosion leading to total wall thickness loss.

The original 3X concept is a combination of Kevlar® tape and specific epoxy resin. The bi-directional woven high-strength aramid-fiber material provides reinforcement in the hoop and axial directions. The epoxy resin allows binding and transferring loading through the whole composite system. Thoroughly tested by third-party accredited laboratories, ReinforceKit 4D (or R4D) is a proven concept which provides the required strength according to ASME B31G, ISO 24.817 and ASME PCC-2 codes and standards.

ReinforceKit 4D is wet lay-up system, wrapped helicoidally around the pipe in order to bring the mechanical resistance to the damaged pipe section suffering from a defect. The repair design, number of layers and material requirements are determined through a proprietary software ReinforceKit Engineering Analysis to comply with above mentioned standards, and is linked not only to the pipe pressure, temperature, diameter and thickness but also to the pit depth and length, the steel grade and the pipe location.

Product’s version R4D-EC is designed for external damage treatment, typically by external corrosion, its variants R4D-ECHT and R4D-ECTHT are designed for high operating temperatures up to 110 °C, and 130 °C resp. Product’s version R4D-IC is designed for treatment of external and internal damage and leakage, mainly due to internal corrosion, variant R4D-HT+ is designed for high temperatures up to 150 °C Pipeline by the composite sleeve. allowing restoring the pipe integrity. Variant R4D-S is designed for external and internal damage, to prevent external and internal corrosion underwater and subsea.

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ReinforceKit 4D (in Czech)

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