Nástroj Die Blaster PneumaticNástroj Die Blaster Pneumatic

Die Blaster (Pneumatic Heavy Duty)

The Die Blaster® with its patented Accelerator Bar is specially designed to remove corrosion in areas that are difficult to reach – like door rabbets, roof joints, wheel housings – to create a blasted surface for superior adhesion.

These characteristics make the Die Blaster® a perfect complement to the well-proven MBX® systems.

The patented Accelerator Bar ensures a significantly higher and continuous performance of the Die Blaster belts and thereby achieves high performance in rust removal, fast paint removal, and high working speed while removing undercoating.

  • Reduces surface preparation time by 75%.
  • Creates a ‘blasted surface’ for superior adhesion.
  • Saves time and money vs. traditional methods.

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