Endoprene 880 kitEndoprene 880 kit

Endoprene 880

Two component solvent free polyurethane binder, cold applied at high thicknesses by brush or coating knife. Endoprene® 880 makes it possible to obtain in a single coat good adhesion to ferrous metals and has good compatibility with adjacent coatings such as hydrocarbon, epoxy, polyurethane and polyolefin materials.

Endoprene 880 is designed for the anticorrosion protection of buried, immersed, etc. metal structures. Its reactivity and manual application make it ideal for on site applications (repairs, accessories, weld joints, valves and fittings, etc.).

Endoprene 880 is also used for repairing coatings made of Endoprene 868.06, 863, 870, 870 EN, etc.

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Endoprene 880
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