Kebu A303 detailKebu A303 detail

Kebu Petro-Tape A303

Kebu Petro-Tape A303 is a cold-applied corrosion protection tape. It consists of petrolatum modified with polyolefins, synthetic fabric liner and polyethylene backing. The tape provides outstanding adhesive power and elasticity as well as improved drip resistance.

The coated polyethylene has a low permeability to moisture and prevents the plastic from being washed out by changing water table. When applied in three layers the Kebu Petro-Tape A303 meets the requirements of DIN EN 12068 and DIN 30 672, load class A, max. operating temperature 30 °C.

The tape is suitable for wrapping steel pipelines welded joints of factory coated steel pipelines, if the coating meets the specifications of DIN EN 10329, table 2.

You can reach significant improvement of indentation and impact resistance by overwrapping with polyethylene tapes, like Kebulen-Tape PE 0.25 or Kebulen-Tape PE 0.40.

In combination with Kebu Plast Mastic and Kebu Rockshield PP500/1000 Kebu Petro-Tape A303 is also suitable for wrapping valves and flanges. It meets the requirements of DIN 30 675, part 1, issue 1992, table 2 for high pressure gas lines.

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Kebu Petro-Tape A303

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