Kebutyl C 30

The Kebutyl C 30 System is a two-tape, cold-applied anti-corrosion protection system used to insulate steel pipes, flanges or welds of factory insulated pipes in class C-30. The Kebutyl C 30 system provides reliable corrosion protection due to its excellent formability and low water vapor and oxygen permeability.

The inner Testo 1.5 H tape cures automatically to provide a homogeneous layer and form a solid protective tube. Due to the high flexibility and sufficient material thickness, cavity-free insulation is produced. The Kebulen PE 0.40 outer tape is vulcanized to the inner tape. The total thickness of the system is approximately 2.8 mm.

The system meets the requirements of EN 12068, DIN 30 672 and ISO 21809-3, requirements of mechanical load class C at a continuous operating temperature of 30 °C. The product is DVGW certified.

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System Kebutyl C 30
Kebutyl Primer K III

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