Kebutyl system C 50-CKebutyl system C 50-C

Kebutyl-System C 50-C

Kebutyl-System C 50-C is a cold-applied two-tape corrosion protection system. It is used for coating steel pipelines, fittings or welded joints of factory coated pipelines the coatings of which are mentioned by DIN EN 10329, table 2.

Testo-Tape 1.2 H (inner layer) is self-amalgamating in the overlap area into a homogenous layer, forming a continuous tubing. High plasticity and sufficient thickness of the material provides a coating free of voids.

Kebulen-Tape PE 0.5 (outer layer) is constructed asymmetrically. In overlap areas the wrappings melt together with each other as well as with the underlying Testo-Tape 1.2 H. Total thickness of the system adds up to approx. 3.4 mm.

Kebutyl-System C50-C provides reliable corrosion protection due to its excellent workability and its low permeability to water vapour and oxygen.

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Kebutyl-System C 50-C
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