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ReinforceKit Beam

ReinforceKit® Beam is a product recommended to reinforce corroded structures. It is a combination of metallic insert and composite wrapping. Designed for a long-term repair, this product can renovate a structure suffering from severe corrosion and through-wall defects. Its design is calculated by Finite Element Analysis (FEA), taking into consideration structure loadings, forces, moment, structure geometry and dimensions.

ReinforceKit Beam is made of very high-performance materials. Metal inserts are integrated on the defected structure by cold welding to give back the original mechanical resistance. Then the structure is wrapped with Kevlar® tape and 3X epoxy resin. The bi-directional woven high-strength aramid-fiber material provides reinforcement in the hoop and axial directions. The epoxy resin allows binding and transferring loading through the whole composite system. Finally, it is recovered with specific anti-UV & impact protective coating.

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ReinforceKit Beam (in Czech)

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