Founded in 1990, 3X Engineering is one of the leading companies in pipeline repair using composite technology. Mainly operating in oil & gas industry, its expertise also includes energy and construction sector. 3X Engineering not only develops, manufactures and commercializes its own products, but also offers a complete integrated service, from the design of the repair to onsite installation, and training of installers. From its office in Monaco, 3X Engineering operates worldwide, onshore and offshore/subsea, thanks to its large distribution network today made of over fourty partners. Ortodroma has been involved in composite repairs and rehabilitation since 2016, and has been representing 3X Engineering in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia since January 2020.

Our most popular anti-corrosion tape Serviwrap is manufactured by Chase Protective Coatings Ltd. This British manufacturer also produces petrolatum tapes, epoxyy coating Plasgard 410 and other anti-corrosion materials. It is part of the global Chase Corporation group, which offers a full range of specialised materials to protect piping, valves, regulators, pads, joints, metals, concrete and wood, and waterproofing membranes. From the Group portfolio, we offer elastomeric tapes Tapecoat, anticorrosion caps Handy Cap and wax tapes Color Coat. Ortodroma is an exclusive representative of Chase Protective Coatings since 2009 for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and from 2018 also for Poland. Previously, Ortodroma represented Grace Construction Products, from which Chase Corporation bought the Serviwrap product line in 2009.

German manufacturer MONTI – Werkzeuge GmbH has developed pioneering surface preparation technologies since 1987. The Bristle Blaster replaces abrazive blasting while offering a wide range of benefits, other technologies are used primarily in cars and vehicle maintenance. Ortodroma is an authorised importer and distributor of MONTI – Werkzeuge products for the Czech Republic since early 2020.


Originally a British company, Oxifree specialises in developing termoplastic, removable and reusable anticorrosion coatings. Ortodroma represents it since 2022.

Kebu is a trademark of the German manufacturer Kebulin-Gesellschaft Kettler GmbH & Co KG. It has been a synonymous for reliable anticorrosive materials since 1933. The company also manufactures road surface solutions, and materials for roofing and green roofs. Ortodroma is offering Kebu’s anti-corrosion materials including its wide range of heat shrink sleeves and tapes since 2016.

The French manufacturer BS Coatings SAS has years of experience in the development, production and application of specialised polyurethane and epoxy industrial coatings. We offer BS Coatings’ polyurethane coatings since 2017.

Dutch-based Dhatec, manufactures unique materials for storing, handling and shipping pipes. Ortodroma is Dhatec’s exclusive representative in the Czech Republic since 2017, in Slovakia since 2019.

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