Použití Esafe pro odstranění ropných produktů z životního prostředíPoužití Esafe pro odstranění ropných produktů z životního prostředí


ESafe is an environmentally safe, highly confidential blend of organic materials; natural surfactants, degreasers and emulsifiers. It is 100% biodegradable and zero Hazmat rated, does not contain any chemical solvents, abrasives, acids, butyl, nitrates or phosphates. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and contain no microbes, chemicals, dispersants or detergents.

ESafe breaks down hydrocarbon compounds by permanently altering their chemical makeup. The contamination is converted into simple sugars, carbon, minerals and water, which naturally occurring bacteria or microbes consume.

Our product works by penetrating deep into the spill following the hydrocarbon path. It is assisted by the saturation of water, which works as a carrier lifting the hydrocarbon spill to the surface. ESafe also works to eliminate the flashpoint of fuel. No combustible vapours remain after application.

This PEG product can be easily applied by your own technicians. We also offer expertise troubleshooting and onsite supervision from our fully trained engineers and technicians.

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